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dc.contributor.advisorZapata Mendoza, Mercedes Elena
dc.contributor.authorLeiva Alcántara, Karol Tatiana
dc.descriptionThe thesis denominated "INFLUENCE OF TOURISM OPERATORS OF THE HISTORICAL CENTER IN THE TRUJILLO TOURIST PRODUCT", was based about two variables, the first is time and price and the second is quality and variety, both taking as a subject of study for the five travels agencies and tourism operators. The tourism, located in the historic center of Trujillo, in order to demonstrate that the tourism product that is currently where offered in the city of Trujillo, is limited considerably in the sense that there are few attractives options to choose from the usual cultural tourism is the that predominates in this city. It was found that the differents actions of the operators oficina tourism in the historic center directly influence for the structuring of the Trujillo as tourism product, determining the time and price of the product, manifesting in the times where start the tours and the time of visits in the attractions, generating a schedule standard unique visit for all day, dealing with much fluctuating prices subject to negotiation that is informally done in the streets, which considerably limits the interest of tourists to stay more days in the city of Trujillo to raise in costs and improve service. Also shows that the actions of the operators of tourism in the historic center directly influence the structuring of the city of Trujillo tourism product by defining the quality and variety of the products offered, the same that are not broad and even less are included variants in the classic offers , valued with cheap rates because it is a product with a medium-low quality, as a result of the operators that not require professionals in tourism to professionally manage their businesses and the tourist resources of the destination. The methods used for the elaboration of the investigation of the project that were developed were the Analytic - Synthetic and the method Ethnographic. As techniques were needed the participant observation, the interview and the survey of questions. Among the instruments that were used were: the Field Notebook, the interview guide and the survey questionnaire. The sample used for the preparation of this report is of 5 tourism operators and 377 national and international tourists.es_PE
dc.description.abstractprofesionales en turismo para gestionar profesionalmente sus empresas y los recursos turísticos del destino. Los métodos utilizados para la elaboración del proyecto de investigación que se desarrollaron fueron el Analítico-Sintético y El método Etnográfico. Como técnicas se necesitó de la observación participante, la entrevista, encuesta. Entre los instrumentos que se utilizaron fueron: la Libreta de Campo, La guía de entrevista; el cuestionario de encuesta. La muestra que se utilizó para la elaboración del presente informe es de 5 operadores de turismo y 377 turistas nacionales e internacionales.es_PE
dc.publisherUniversidad Nacional de Trujilloes_PE
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTESIS TUR 027/2018;
dc.sourceUniversidad Nacional de Trujilloes_PE
dc.sourceRepositorio institucional - UNITRUes_PE
dc.subjectoperadores de turismoes_PE
dc.subjectproducto turísticoes_PE
dc.subjectcalidad de los productoses_PE
dc.subjectvariedad de los productoses_PE
dc.titleInfluencia de los operadores de turismo del centro histórico, en el producto turístico Trujillo.es_PE
dc.typeinfo:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesises_PEítulo Profesionales_PE en Turismoes_PE Nacional de Trujillo.Facultad de Ciencias Socialeses_PE

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